Delete photos

Want to remove a picture from a photo album? It only takes a couple of seconds.

  Alert: If you aren't a moderator or owner in your group, you'll only be able to delete your own photos in albums that you've created.

Deleting photos from a regular album

  1. On your group's main page, click Photos.
  2. Click the photo album containing the photo you want to delete.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. On the image you'd like to delete, click the More icon Down arrow.
  5. Click Delete Trash can.

Deleting photos from a photomatic album

  1. On your group's main page, click Files.
  2. Click Attachments.
    1. To delete an entire album, mouse over that album.
    2. Click the Delete icon Trash can next to an album.
    3. To confirm, click Delete again.
  3. To view individual photos before choosing which to delete, click the name of an album.
  4. To delete an individual image, mouse over the image and click the Delete icon Trash can.
  5. To confirm, click Delete again.

  Note: If you can't delete a photo, you can contact your group's moderator to request that they delete it for you.