Cannot send or receive Yahoo email in a third-party app

In this day and age technology evolves at a rapid pace and Yahoo works on providing a top notch security and service to our users while keeping our email service up to date.

Sometimes, due to this rapid pace, errors may appear while using your third-party email apps and you are suddenly unable to send or receive email with Yahoo Mail in a third-party app that used to work. Find out how to identify the root cause of the issue and fix it.

Check if you can sign in with a web browser

Use a web browser and try to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account. If you're asked to change your password, update your account info, or you get an error, use the following resources to get back into your account.

Check if your account can send or receive emails

If you're able to sign in without issue, send yourself an email from the web interface.

  • If you don't get an error - your account is working as expected.
  • If you get an error - search our help pages for that error to find the troubleshooting steps.

What if my account is working outside of the app?

This means there's something wrong with the app. Download the Yahoo Mail app from the app store and use that instead or do any of the following:

  1. Delete Yahoo Mail from the app and re-add it. Steps for mobile:
  2. Apps with outdated security now require you grant them access in Yahoo Mail.
  3. Contact your app manufacturer for additional troubleshooting options.