Yahoo Aviate Launcher has been discontinued

Yahoo Aviate will no longer be supported after March 8, 2018. You might be able to use previously installed copies of Aviate as a launcher, but you'll no longer see content in the Smart Stream and there will be no future updates or support for it.

Thank you for using Aviate. We learned a lot working on Aviate for you, and hope you enjoyed the experience. Our team is engaged on new and exciting projects, leveraging our learnings and technology from Aviate.

Turn off Aviate and switch to your default launcher

You can switch back to your default launcher at any time. Steps vary based on your version of Android OS. Check with your device manufacturer for specific instructions.

  1. Swipe left twice to access the "A-Z Apps" page.
  2. Tap your device's Settings app.
  3. Tap Applications or Apps.
  4. Tap Default applications or Default apps.
  5. Tap Home or Home screen.
  6. Select your preferred default launcher.
  7. Press your device's Home key to return to your homescreen.

Uninstall Aviate

First, turn off Aviate and switch to your default launcher. When you're ready to uninstall Aviate, access your device settings, select Aviate, and uninstall the app.