Yahoo Finance portfolio features

Track your investments or watch ones you're interested in. Stay informed about stocks, funds, and securities. Learn how to create lists and custom list views, add holdings information, and download list data.

Create and manage lists to track quotes

Track securities you own and keep an eye on ones you want to monitor. Delete lists you no longer need. Get the steps to create, edit, and delete lists.

Add your equity holdings

Track your investments by adding your holdings information. Find out how to add, remove, or edit holdings.

Add cash or private equity holdings

Track cash or private equity holdings in a portfolio list. You can even customize the cash and equity symbols. Learn how to add cash or private equities.

Take notes on your holdings

jot down thoughts you have about different holdings in Yahoo Finance. Find out how to take notes.

Create custom views to personalize your market watching

For each list, you can create custom views. Choose from data categories like basic price data, key stats, and technical indicators. Learn how to create, edit, and delete list views.

Save list data and work with it offline

Download list information to save or to work within a spreadsheet. Explore how to export list data.